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Apr 13, 2021

Nature is a necessary nutrient, and PBS and Amazon Prime Host of HighPointers Branndon Bargo can attest to that. 

Bargo is a world traveler, a High Pointer, and a student in the Colson Fellows program. Branndon connects his love for the outdoors to a convinced apologetic that there really isn't a square inch man can venture to that God doesn't call His.

Branndon has been through some of the most dangerous passes on earth, nearly dying numerous times, all in a wanderlust pursuit of seeing the beauty of God's creation in the most life threatening locations. 

Branndon sat down with Shane to discuss apologetics and the  power of seeing God in nature, having climbed some of the world's top high points. That is the topic of his new TV show, hosted on Amazon Prime and PBS, where Branndon and his brother are venturing to the highest points in each of the 50 States in the Union.