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Sep 26, 2023

We're in the mist of the most significant religious shift in American history. Millions are abandoning organized Christianity, but there is little clarity about why they're leaving, or how to stem the exodus. Shane welcomes Michael Graham, co-author of The Great Dechurching, to offer data-driven answers and surprising...

Sep 19, 2023

Atheists like to tell a story in which religion declined because of scientific evidence and arguments. But what if unbelief became a plausible option because of the way modern people work, live, and relate to the world, and the way these changes make us feel? Shane welcomes Dr. Joseph Minich to discuss his...

Sep 12, 2023

Homosexuality, “spirituality,” feminism, transgenderism, and more; an alternative creed is making inroads into Christianity and false claims on young lives. Shane welcomes Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, someone who once believed and lived those lies, to explain how God set her free and can do the same for anyone.

Sep 5, 2023

Christians often think of technology as morally neutral, but a closer examination shows that assumptions about the world and humanity are built into inventions like the internet. These “liturgies,” or repeated patterns of formative behavior, shape us mentally and spiritually in ways that contradict God’s design...