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Jul 25, 2023

A Viking who sailed to America, a prisoner who transformed an African kingdom, the daughter-in-law of Genghis Khan—what do all of these people have in common? Surprisingly, belief in Christ. Shane welcomes Dr. Glenn Sunshine to talk about his new book, 32 Christians Who Changed Their World.

Jul 18, 2023

Creation is bursting with Divine symbolism, especially where opposites unite—and nowhere do we find a more profound, sacred, or fruitful symbolism than in sex. Shane welcomes Joshua Butler, author of Beautiful Union, to explore how God’s vision for the one flesh relationship displays deep mysteries about creation...

Jul 11, 2023

Contrary to secular mythology, the pioneers of modern astronomy believed they were “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” In fact, this belief was essential to their discoveries! Shane welcomes Dr. Melissa Cain Travis to explain why Christian convictions led to the scientific revolution and can help us see the stars...

Jul 7, 2023

Most of us will never have to choose between death and denying Jesus. So what does martyrdom mean for us? Shane welcomes Kasey Leander to reflect on the conversation with Jerry Pattengale about The New Book of Christian Martyrs.

Jul 4, 2023

Four-hundred and fifty years ago, John Foxe published his famous Book of Martyrs. But more Christians died for their faith in the last century than in the previous nineteen combined. Shane welcomes Dr. Jerry Pattengale to tell the stories of those who’ve confessed Christ to the end, using his The New Book of Christian...