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Jun 12, 2024

Christians have long taught that God’s existence and power are evident in the world He has made. Yet secular, materialistic science says the universe looks exactly as we would expect if God didn’t exist. Shane welcomes philosopher of science Dr. Stephen Meyer in this interview from the 2023 Colson Center National...

May 28, 2024

Artificial intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds, raising questions about freedom, privacy, truth, and what it means to be human. Is the future utopian or dystopian, and how do the worldviews of AI creators shape their technology? Shane welcomes Dr. John Lennox to answer these questions using his book, 2084:...

May 13, 2024

Forty years ago, Anglican theologian Oliver O’Donovan published a prophetic critique of reproductive technologies, arguing that humans should be begotten, not made. This week, Shane welcomes Baylor professor and theology of the body expert Matthew Lee Anderson to introduce us to O’Donovan’s argument using an...

Apr 30, 2024

In Colossians 2:8, the Apostle warns us not to be taken captive by hollow and deceitful philosophy. Does this mean Christians shouldn’t seek wisdom outside or alongside of Scripture? To answer, Shane welcomes Dr. Ross Inman, author of Christian Philosophy as a Way of Life: An Invitation to Wonder.

Apr 16, 2024

The beauty, the tradition, the sense of authority and certainty about doctrine—these are some of the many reasons evangelicals join the Catholic Church. But are they making a fully informed decision? Shane welcomes Chris Castaldo, co-author of Why Do Protestants Convert? to offer a surprising answer.