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Jun 29, 2021

Shane joins Dale Stenberg on the Davenant Institute’s “Pilgrim Faith” podcast to define the family, unpack its created purpose and structure, and explore how recovering God’s design can transform our culture.

Jun 26, 2021

Some of my most revealing discussions happen on airplanes, during long flights. They usually begin when the person imprisoned in the seat beside me asks what I do for a living. When I reply that I work for a Christian worldview ministry, I can see the wheels turning. Occasionally, they’ll reply, “Awesome! I’m...

Jun 22, 2021

Seraphim Hamilton joins Shane on Upstream to discuss the grand story of Scripture and the beautiful invitation we have to live inside God's economy.

Jun 19, 2021

In his diabolical masterpiece, “The Screwtape Letters,” C. S. Lewis reveals through the pen of his senior tempter how devils persuade humans to accept false beliefs by using jargon:

“Your man,” explains Screwtape, “has been accustomed, ever since he was a boy, to have a dozen incompatible philosophies...

Jun 15, 2021

A recent piece at The Gospel Coalition calls out evangelical elites for only “punching right.” In a response, writer and editor Samuel James argues that there’s plenty of nonpartisan Christian commentary—we’re just not listening.